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How To install?

How to Install mirrors-online mirror

Item Checklist:

  1. mirrors-online mirror
  2. Double sided mirror adhesive tape
  3. Non-acidic mirror silicon
  4. Soft grey lead pencil
  5. Spirit level

Step 1

Prepare the wall or area that the mirror is to be fixed.

Ensure that the area is flat, level and is clean and clear from any dirt, grim and dust.

Ensure the area is free from nails or protrusions that could scratch or break the mirror.

The area must be dry when affixing the mirrors-online mirror.

Step 2

Marking the mirror location.

Choose your position on the wall.

Using a soft lead pencil and level, mark out where you want the bottom and side edge of the mirror.

Step 3

Prepare the mirrors-online mirror for installation.

Ensure the back of the mirror is clean and clear from all dirt. Clean the mirror with a soft cloth only.

Apply the double-sided adhesive tape to the centre of the height and width edges on the back of the mirror.


Step 4

Apply non-acidic silicon to each corner and centre of the mirror.

Silicon should be the size of 20 cent piece.

Do not place the silicon any closer that

50mm from the edge of the mirror.

Step 5

Remove tape backing and line mirror up with centre markings on wall as per step 2. Very gently press mirror to wall. Use level for alignment.

Note: The double sided adhesive will hold the mirror in place while the silicon takes approximately 24 hours to cure completely.

Caring for your mirror

The surface of a mirror requires special care when cleaning.

Only ever use a soft cloth to clean your mirrors-online mirror.

Mirrors should only every be cleaned when cool to touch.

To clean the mirror, place a few drops of mentholated spirits onto a clean, damp cloth. Wipe the solution over the surface of the mirror. Polish the surface gently with a clean, dry, lint free soft cloth.

Mirrors-online can accommodate special make up orders.

Please contact customer service on 1300 054 828 to discuss your requirements.

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