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At Mirrors Online, we are always upfront about our delivery charges so there are no nasty surprises once you’ve ordered your product because the last thing any customer wants are those annoying ‘hidden’ charges that turn your purchase into something far more expensive than you anticipated.

So, to keep things nice and simple, we only charge one flat rate for the entire order, which included all delivery charges. So, you always know what you’re paying and how much your total purchase order is. No hidden costs. No nasty additional delivery charges

This flat-rate charge is per order, thus whether you’ve ordered one small bathroom mirror or uniquely shaped bedroom mirror or you’ve just placed a bulk order consisting of several large decorative mirrors for the office; the delivery charge will be a flat rate.

This delivery charge includes our secure packaging process that we undertake with each and every purchase made through our website to ensure your product arrives to your door in perfect condition every time.

If, for whatever reason, your mirror arrives at its final destination, and it is cracked, chipped, broken or otherwise damaged we would like to hear from you immediately so we can look into the cause of the damage, and seek to rectify it as quickly as possible so you’re not inconvenienced any more than you need to be.

Once your new mirror has arrived, you’ll naturally want to install it. This is not a big task, and provided on the weight, can often be done by just one person. Large wall mirrors, or bulky decorative mirrors can be the most challenging installation procedures, but we’re here to help.

All the information you could possibly need to install your mirrors on your own is on our website but we understand that some customers would like the assistance of one of our specialist installers to help out.


That’s not a problem and we’d be glad to assist, simply contact our customer service by calling 1300 054 828.

If you live outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area and would like to find out the flat rate delivery charge for your location, please contact Mirrors Online on 1300 054 828. 

Thanks, and happy shopping!